Postcards from the Dream

The Dreamer's "just moved" postcards

The Dreamer's "just moved" postcards

That’s the image we used on our “Just Moved” postcards (many of you are thinking, “Duh…”).  It’s the same postcard we used to go “public” with this blog. The model is our resident camera-hog, our English Bulldog, Bowdoin (beau-din) posing in front of the house.  However, it wasn’t the first design – and for the sake of giving our little poser some blog face time, we thought we’d show you the first draft:

first draft... a bully in the boxes

first draft... unpacking a bully...

Cute pup, huh?  Yeah.  We’re lucky.

Loved the pic.  Didn’t love the verbiage.   Since “mom” and “dad” both write for a living, we knew we had to come up with something more creative, hence “There’s a new _______ on the block.”  Fill in the blank…  Is it kid?  Dog?  Bully?  Well, that’s for you to decide.  For fun, here are some out-takes from our photo session:

No Leash?  I'm FREE!!!

No Leash? I'm FREE!!!

This tongue is money.  Srsly.

This tongue is money. Srsly.

Where's Bowdoin?

Where's Bowdoin?

You have no idea how good I'm being right now.  NO idea.

You have no idea how good I'm being right now. NO idea.

I own this 'hood.

I own this 'hood.

Catch ya later!

Catch ya later!

Bowdoin is famous!  Check out his appearance as “puppy of the day” on The Daily Puppy or his crazy noises on YouTube.

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  1. Jason September 22, 2009 at 9:22 pm #

    He’s pretty much the cutest dog ever.

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