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Pregnancy Week: Birth Plan

Welcome to Pregnancy Week here at Our Dream Foreclosure! This week, I’ll mark my 36th week of pregnancy #2. I.CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT. This pregnancy is flying by so fast compared to pregnancy #1 (which seemed to drag on and on). Today’s topic: The Birth Plan This is a funny topic to me because my goal last time – and this […]

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Dreambaby #2 Pregnancy BUMP PHOTO! (week 35)

This is a week to celebrate. It’s my last week without an OB appointment! I had an appointment last week, the last of my every other week appointments. Starting next week, my OB will see me at least once a week until this bambino appears. Last time around, this was a tortuous week. “But… my […]

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Dreambaby #2 Pregnancy BUMP PHOTO! (week 34)

I’m a day late with this post… oopsies! Yesterday was another one of my crrrrrazzzzy days (see previous bump post for more on that).  Without further ado… le bump: A bit of an unconventional photo, but I didn’t get a chance to have someone take one yesterday due to the craziness. I posted this one […]

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Dreambaby #2 Pregnancy BUMP PHOTO! (week 33)

First of all, I just want to say this photo looks nothing like me. I mean, it is me, but it doesn’t look like me. My hair is big and it looks like I have hairy ears. Neither are true. Truly. Kenton is cute! He’s drinking milk and wearing cute “big boy” PJ’s! Look at […]

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Dreambaby #2 Pregnancy BUMP PHOTO! (week 32)

Okay, so here’s the rushed picture taken eight minutes before my OB appointment this morning, after I had been up and down all night with Kenton, who has a fever… Sorry. It’s the best I could do. Because I feel compelled to prove myself… here’s the fever log evidence from last night and this morning: […]

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