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Dream Family (Room)

Nope.  No exciting announcements.  (As if the blog is the place we’d first announce a dream in the oven?!) Just another little Then & Now action for you… the Dream Family room.  As we’ve mentioned before, the family room is an extension of our kitchen – a lovely feature that was on our “must” list […]

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McDreamy is at it again!

Like most foreclosed homes, ours came sans appliances.  Well, it did have “appliances” – that we’re pretty sure the bank found along the curb on bulk trash day and threw them in so the kitchen appeared “applianced.”  We were not fooled and promptly purchased new kitchen appliances.  However, there was one pesky “mini-appliance” that had […]

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Dream Appetit!

We are happy to report that Christmas dinner at the Dream was a success! We hosted our parents and served up a healthy dose of Boeuf Bourguignon.  It was our first attempt at making that dish – something we savored while traveling through the Bourgogne wine region in France this summer.  We were able to host […]

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A Dream Find!

We are (almost) ready for our Open Dream Party tonight. 70+ said “Yes!” to our invite and we excited to show off the Dream. One area that still needs some love and attention is our master suite. Since we decided to first focus on the Dream’s common areas… kitchen, family room, guest bath… our room […]

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As we’ve said previously, we are focusing our efforts on the common areas of our dream.  That means the kitchen and family room are getting a lot of love right now.  The dining and living rooms must be incredibly jealous. Our kitchen and family room adjoin — so they’re basically one big room.  And that’s […]

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