Dreambaby #2 Pregnancy BUMP PHOTO! (week 31)

31 weeks. 9 weeks left. 9 – that’s a single digit, folks!

Also, this post is a day late, this photo was taken a day late, I’m basically a day late in life right now:

31 weeks (and one day)!

I’d like to title this series of photos: “Self portrait of huge pregnant lady, who is also mom of a toddler who took a break from practicing rhythmic gymnastics to show us, ‘Where’s the baby?’ resulting in awkward shot of him lifting up his mom’s shirt but she put it on the Internet anyway.” Or, something like that.

You already know that I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going, I’m tired, I’m treasuring these few weeks alone with Kenton, I need more energy, I’m (still) working on getting the Dream ready for this baby, yadayadayada… Really there’s nothing else to add about this pregnancy right now.

So, I thought I’d an offer an update on how I’m doing in general.

Honestly, I’m in the best spot I’ve been in in years – possibly ever. I’m so enjoying the time I’m spending with Kenton. I’m still working through some emotions regarding my job loss a few months ago – but am incredibly grateful (increasingly so) that I’m no longer exposed to a toxic environment every day. My home is a very happy place these days and I love it.

I also love that I’m going back to work in just a couple of weeks! Yep. I’ll be teaching a class at Arizona State University this fall: Television Reporting. I’ve taught that class a few times before (I’ve been a Faculty Associate at ASU since 2008). However, I’ve never taught it during the day and I’ve never had a baby in the middle of the semester. INTERESTING. I hope my little future reporters are flexible and understanding!

I must admit, my water breaking mid-lecture is a growing fear. Wouldn’t that be… “memorable.” (…Sigh…)

About Michelle Fortin

Michelle Fortin is a follower of Jesus, a wife and a mom. She's also an award winning broadcast journalist and public relations professional. Michelle spent nearly a decade working in television newsrooms across the country, both behind and in front of the camera. Training future broadcast journalists in her faculty associate roles at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University and at Arizona Christian University was a cherished focus of her post-TV career. Today, she maintains a roster of public relations clients focused on empowering fellow “momprenuers.” She also serves as a speaker for various women's and mom's events. Michelle received her bachelor’s degree from Biola University and Master of Mass Communication (MMC) from Arizona State University. She and her husband, two young kids and English bulldog call Scottsdale, Arizona, home.


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2 Responses to Dreambaby #2 Pregnancy BUMP PHOTO! (week 31)

  1. Kim@NewlyWoodwards August 16, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    First of all, you look amazing. I know I aways say it, but it’s true.

    Second, I just went back and read the oat about your job. I must have missed that. It makes end extra curious and also pissed off. But them I’m so happy for you. That you are hapy. That you are going to be teaching. I didn’t realize you have a broadcast journalism background.

    How your class goes really well.

  2. Kim@NewlyWoodwards August 16, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    P.S. Please forgive all this typos. I’m on my phone.

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