First Haircut

This post is long overdue… kind of like Kenton’s first haircut.

I wanted to cut his hair months ago. Jason wanted to let it grow. Jason won. He was right. There, I said it. Don’t worry – it won’t happen again.

It grew out of that initial awkward stage that bugged me… looked cute… then got awkward again.

Really awkward.

It grew in straggly, whispy and ugly. There, I said it.

I love little boys with long hair. Many of them look super cute.

My son, however, was not a candidate for that category of cute.

He agrees.


Even so, I wanted to wait for the rite-of-passage first cut until after the baby was born. I wanted to drive home the point that I have two babies. TWO. So, I wanted Kenton to have his baby hair when he met his little sibling, but have it gonzo by the time we had our family photos taken.

I’m weird. I know.

After Camille arrived, off to the barber we went.

We went to the same barber who gussied up Jason for our wedding and he continues to go to five years (GASP!) later.

When it’s your first haircut, you bring the whole posse.

There’s Dad, Meme (Jason’s mom), Grandma (my mom), Beebee grrrl (Camille), some random dude – oh, and don’t forget me – I’m snapping the pics.

Before they got started, Kenton spent a moment bidding adieu to his luscious, golden locks. Even though they are not luscious.

Actually, I think he’s saying, “I’m not the baby anymore, time to LET.IT.GO.”

Like most toddlers (I hope he’s like most toddlers), he likes to chew on things when he’s nervous. In this case, a comb was nearest target.

But, apparently, the barbers aren’t too keen on toddler-slobber on their tools, so they offered him a swap.

It was something he’d never seen before, and he was intrigued.

So, he took the bait.

Needless, to say it was a hit.

Like with any toddler.


Anyway, he took the cut like a champ and only pushed back once.

When the buzzing got a bit too close to his ear…

… and tickled.

In the end…

the little man handled it like a champ…

…and was one happy customer.

As was his mommy. No more wanna-be hippy baby… just a sweet little boy…

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Michelle Fortin is a follower of Jesus, a wife and a mom. She's also an award winning broadcast journalist and public relations professional. Michelle spent nearly a decade working in television newsrooms across the country, both behind and in front of the camera. Training future broadcast journalists in her faculty associate roles at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University and at Arizona Christian University was a cherished focus of her post-TV career. Today, she maintains a roster of public relations clients focused on empowering fellow “momprenuers.” She also serves as a speaker for various women's and mom's events. Michelle received her bachelor’s degree from Biola University and Master of Mass Communication (MMC) from Arizona State University. She and her husband, two young kids and English bulldog call Scottsdale, Arizona, home.


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3 Responses to First Haircut

  1. Jen D January 10, 2013 at 10:50 am #

    Lol! I love this. I can relate. Once you reach the max on the hippie hair it is so wonderful to see the transformation! K is such a stud. 🙂

  2. Kim@NewlyWoodwards January 12, 2013 at 8:21 pm #

    Awwww looks like the perfect little customer.


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