Kenton’s 3rd Birthday!

(Yes, this event occurred 4.5 months ago – but it is necessary to squeeze in a reference before his sister’s birthday next week. YIKES.)

Our curious, spirited, percocious, intelligent and hilarious son is now three years old! Can’t believe it. We celebrated with THE BEST party for him… a concert.



We invited friends to a local outdoor shopping area with a splash pad and brought along a karoke machine. Kenton belted out his favorite hits, including: every song on The Sound of Music soundtrack and “You Are My Sunshine.” Our little extrovert loved every second.


He introduced all of his friends (“Paxton is here! Give him a hand!”) and family (“Mommy is here! Clap for her!”) – it was ridiculously adorable.


He wouldn’t perform without his favorite babysitter – Megan – by his side and his friends jumped in last minute as his band.


A few days before his performance, we gave him what we thought was the opportunity of his short lifetime.


We arranged for him to sing on stage with his idol – our church worship pastor, Troy Peterson.


But Kenton basically lost all bodily function when Troy was breathing the same air as he was. He reverted to being a baby – crawling across the stage and mumbling incoherent words.




Of course, as soon as we were out of the sanctuary, he was back to mimicking Troy. Three year olds are SO.WEIRD.

Here’s a short documentary (not kidding, it’s 12min long – you don’t really have to watch it) – of Kenton’s third year with us… from the morning of his 2nd birthday on 5/31/13 to his 3rd birthday “concert” on 5/31/14 – what a kid!

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  1. Kim@NewlyWoodwards October 9, 2014 at 7:49 am #

    I love this so much. All of it. The fact that he announced all of his guests on the karaoke machine – too cute!

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