Like Father Like Dream

There are moments when Kenton looks so much like his dad, it’s jaw-dropping.  Then, you scan a bunch of 30+ year old photos, crop them and search for the photo evidence to share with the webisphere – and you get nada.  Apparently, I need to take take more pictures – and give it some time.  Here are some examples… what do you think?



I have to admit, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping the like-father-like-son trend continues, because if so – this is in my future…


And then… if we’re really lucky… he grows up into a wonderful, handsome, amazing man, like this:

love him

Awe….  I know.  Mushy-mushy-lovey-lovey.  Who knows, we might even get this:



In fact, my husband IS the body double for Kellan Lutz* (of Twilight fame for those living under a rock).

But, for now, we’ll just have to wait – and snuggle our little Dreamer.

*Fun fact: I actually interviewed Kellan when he was a wee 16 year old model with big dreams of going to Hollywood after high school.  He was in a fashion show in Scottsdale, which I covered for the station I worked for back then.  So, basically, I discovered him and he owes me. A lot.

**In other news, my husband is not actually Kellan’s body double. But Kellan’s people can feel free to call us if they need one – or if they need a baby to play his son, because… OBVIOUSLY.

***This post was not pre-approved by Mr. Dreamer (yikes)

****First photo Kellan is from here.  Second one is from here.

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