Pregnancy Week: Baby Poll

Okay, it’s time. Let’s practice what we’ll all be doing in November and cast a vote. First, like a good voter, go to the poll informed.

If you’re one of those who makes a call based on how a momma is carrying, well… here’s the latest bump pic…

If you want to see how the bump compares to my last pregnancy, check out this post.

Here are some other common myths/old wives tales and how I stack up…

  • Chinese Calendar – This thing is so confusing, I did it twice (there’s a couple different methods out there on the Interwebs) – once it said boy and once it said girl. HA!
  • Fetal heartbeat – it was 122 at my last visit, but that’s the lowest it’s been. It’s also been 130, 140 and 150.
  • Morning sickness – never had it, not once (in either pregnancy – don’t hate me)
  • Heartburn – only occasionally, not a real issue.
  • Cravings – my cravings are all over the map. But some cravings have included… lemonade, ice cream, chicken fingers, ice cream, ranch dressing, ice cream, Whoppers (recently, really strange), ice cream.

Okay, here are some differences between the two pregnancies:

  • First time, my feet swelled really early – two sizes bigger than normal. This time, the swelling has been minimal.
  • First time, baby was a mover and shaker – constantly, all the time. We have some funny videos of elbows and knees poking out of my belly. This time, the baby moves – but not nearly as much or as dramatic. (HOWEVER, I was told that my placenta is along the front wall – behind my belly button – and that could be muffling some of the movements.)
  • First time, I got carpal tunnel – really bad! This time, no carpal tunnel (also, no desk job) – but I did get a pregnancy stuffy nose – not a cold, not allergies – just a general stuffiness that comes with EVERY.PART.OF.YOUR.BODY.SINUSES.INCLUDED getting a bit puffy while carrying a preshush behbeh.
  • First time, I got some pretty intense headaches throughout the pregnancy. This time, I don’t think I’ve had one.

Okay, if you have any other questions – or tests you want me to try – comment below and I will respond.

If you’re ready… VOTE!

*New blog “issue” – I can’t figure out how to transfer the poll over. So, for now, you’ll have to vote on the old site. Just click here and go to the bottom of the post. Thanks!

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