Better Life Bags: My Experience

I recieved a Better Life Bag (Beverly) as a birthday gift (back in February), from Jason. I’ve had so many people ask me about my thoughts on this product, I thought I’d just write a post. We paid full price for my bag and I was not compensated in any way for this review. These thoughts are all my own.


I love it so much, I had Jason take silly fashion-blogger-type pics of me modeling my bag just to show it off.


I came across Better Life Bags while searching for something very specific. I needed a bag I could carry along with my diaper bag. I wanted something that crossed my chest, was big enough for daily essentials, fashionable and durable. I heard about BLB and started following the company’s founder, Rebecca, on Instagram. I stalked her feed for a while and kept seeing products I absolutely adored. I checked out her website and learned more about the mission behind her company – to provide jobs in an impoverished area of urban Detroit – and I was hooked.

I decided on the Beverly, which is the smallest in the BLB collection, but exactly the size I needed. Once I made that decision, I was paralyzed. You have to pick three fabrics for your bag from a ton of AMAZING options. It literally took me two weeks to decide. I used a service BLB offers to help you decide – basically, one of the employees takes your favorites and emails you some suggested combinations. That was very helpful. The fabrics have changed since I got my bag – but my choices are still available… I chose #22 as my primary fabric, with an accent of chambray (#18 now, I believe) and the inside… oh, the inside… about that…

Surprise! You get to choose even another fabric for the inside! (See why this was SO.HARD?!) I went with a fun Amy Butler contrast – #1 in the BLB list of choices. I was really happy with my selections. They are super versatile and match anything.

The Beverly is also a great choice for a smaller bag – that actually holds quite a bit. She has a small, front pocket, that I usually keep my phone, keys and chapstick in. In the back, there’s a larger pocket – perfect for a small container of wipes and two diapers (one is size 3, the other size 5 – that’s my life!).

The inside is big enough for my large Coach wallet and a water bottle (essential to have on me at all times here in the desert!).

This bag is exactly what I was looking for and I am extremely happy with it. To be completely fair, though – here’s my list of pros/cons with the product:


  • Quality – this bag is very durable and well-made.
  • Customizable option – I loved picking my own combination of fabrics and making this bag my own.
  • Mission – I love supporting small businesses that give back to their communities.
  • Practical – I’ve used this bag every day since I got it (end of Feb 2013) and continue to love using it.
  • Size/length – Perfect for my needs.


  • Price – my bag was $149 + tax/shipping… a bit pricey, in my opinion. However, I plan to buy another bag – I’ll just save for it.
  • This is a hand-made product, so there are a couple of (very minor) flaws in the stitching. They don’t bother me – but that might bother some people.
  • Also, due to the fact this is handmade, it does take a few weeks to arrive. BLB does a good job of explaining that before you purchase.
  • Keeping it clean – By some miraculous intervention, my BLB has not yet gotten dirty, except for one small pen mark on the leather. At the point when Kenton spills a smoothie on it (which is inevitable), I don’t know what I’m going to do! That freaks me out.


I love this bag. My only “regret” is not getting a bigger one! The Beverly was just the size I was looking for, but now that I love the bag so much – I wish I had a bigger one that I could put more in. Therefore, I’ve added Lydia to my wish list.

On the fence? Just do it. And let me know about it! And share this review with your friends.


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Michelle Fortin is a follower of Jesus, a wife and a mom. She's also an award winning broadcast journalist and public relations professional. Michelle spent nearly a decade working in television newsrooms across the country, both behind and in front of the camera. Training future broadcast journalists in her faculty associate roles at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University and at Arizona Christian University was a cherished focus of her post-TV career. Today, she maintains a roster of public relations clients focused on empowering fellow “momprenuers.” She also serves as a speaker for various women's and mom's events. Michelle received her bachelor’s degree from Biola University and Master of Mass Communication (MMC) from Arizona State University. She and her husband, two young kids and English bulldog call Scottsdale, Arizona, home.

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