Birthday Recap

Yeah, so my birthday was pretty awesome – and apparently those that love me read this blog.

Remember my post from last week about my wish list? Yep, I scored most of the stuff on that list. CHA-CHING.

My Better Life Bag is still en utero being made. Since I know many of you are curious, I’ll give you a full recap when “she” arrives. I also got a gift card to Hobby Lobby and Zumba for the Wii. WHEE! And… here’s the hair update…

RIGHT? I looooove it. I have not done anything truly fun to my hair in years. YEARS. So, getting the peek-a-boo highlights was a special treat and I’m really happy with how they turned out. If you live in Scottsdale, AZ and need a hair stylist – drop me a note! I will highly recommend my girl, Ashley.

I actually got my hairs did a couple of days after my birthday, because my special day was booked solid spending time with important people. VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE.

Yep, that’s Camille and I dining with Kim from Newly Woodwards and Adrianne from Dream Book Design. Yeah, this here small time blogger likes to hang with the big dogs every once in a while. Adrianne and I actually go waaaay back and I probably have some comprimising youth group summer camp photos of her somewhere. While Kim and I go way back… to Wednesday last week (mah birfday).

Camille and Aunt Kim – or, as like to call them, KimC

Kim lives in Illinois and was in Arizona to visit her parents. I’ve been following NewlyWoodwards for a long time and always admired how sincere Kim is and supportive of other bloggers (i.e., the little people). It was truly an honor to meet her in person and we had a blast lunching at one of my favorite spots, La Grande Orange and then shopping at Last Chance.

Double-selfie after Kim’s first Last Chance experience. It truly is an “experience” that every person who appreciates a bargain should experience at some point. It’s an experience worthy of neglecting your exclusively breastfed baby and asking her to hold her own dang bottle so mommy can keep shopping.

Oh, you thought I was kidding.

It’s pumped breastmilk. Calm down.

We also got an exclusive tour of Adrianne’s new house. I didn’t take any pictures, but I did sneak some shots of an interesting encounter between Camille and Adri’s son Braylen during their side-by-side diaper change.

Oh, hey there, pretty lady. That stuff in your diaper didn’t really stink.

Mom? How do I respond? (He’s really cute!) Mom, go away. Don’t leave. I don’t know. I feel funny inside.

Hey, my mom gave me her keys. Let’s take a drive somewhere. I even know how to honk the horn. Here, I’ll show you…

Not okay! Not okay! My nose is not a horn and now you’re messing up my hair. Not cool.

Actually, Camille is already betrothed to Braylen’s cousin, Toby. Long story. She’s also betrothed to a cutie-pie named Eli. We’re hedging our bets and betrothing her to many cute babies – at least one of them will work out. Hopefully.

Anywho, it was a fun birthday and I can’t wait to do it again next year. Right, gals? We’re doing this again next year, right?

And… I made a FUN discovery digging through my blog draft posts recently. I was going to post it this week, but I think it might actually end up being a catalyst for some fun discussions. SO, I’m going to wait and post it next week after I attend the Revive blog conference this weekend and get some great tips (from folks like Adrianne!) about blogging. EXCITED. Want a hint about the post? Okay…

You would totally Pin that, right?

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