Camille: Month 2

Our sweet baby girl is two months old already!

That’s the second installment in the year of monthly photos for this kid and the last boring one. Promise. You’ll start actually getting hints on where this monthly creative journey is taking us next month. YIPPEE! It’s going to be SO.FUN! And definitely different than her big brother’s monthly photos.

Speaking of big brother… here’s the two month comparison shot.

I think they are similar… but not identical. Subtle differences are starting to show more and more as she gets older. So fun to watch!

Camille is doing really well. She’s starting to sleep through the night. Last night, she went from 9:00pm to 5:30am between feedings. This is exactly the same week Kenton started sleeping through the night (week 9). Think we’re lucky? Nope. Think again. We’re just very disciplined with the Baby Wise theory and it’s now worked for us twice – not a coincidence.

This girl is also a great nurser. She is much more effiecient than Kenton ever was. He always took 45 minutes (minimum) per feeding. Sometimes, she’s done in 20. She’s also growing faster than he did. At two months, Kenton was in the 19th percentile for height and weight. Our little chunky girl is now in the 75th for height and 50th for weight (at 11 pounds!).

She’s also gorgeous (obviously) and stops people in their tracks when we’re out and about. Of course, as her momma, I’m eating that up and cherishing every ooh and ahh – usually from grandmas and grandpas who miss their own grandbabies.

I FI.NA.LLY (!!!) got her birth announcements in the mail. Here they are:

Photos by O’Grace Photography

Design by Danielle Larcom

We think they turned out absolutely precious! I mailed them out with our Christmas cards… tacky? Perhaps. Better use of a stamp? Yep.

Speaking of Christmas… more on that soon. Right now, I’ve two crying kiddos! 😉

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