Camille: Month 5

This post is embarassingly late. Miss Camille turned 5 months old on March 16th! These photos were not taken recently (but were not exactly taken on time either… shh! No one will ever know.)

So, what did we add to her year-long photographic journey this month?

month 5

A camera!

Sweet thing got right to work learning how to shoot in manual. She’s a whiz with her ISO and f-stop. It’s truly amazing.

Yeah, okay, she was way more interested in eating the camera.

Perhaps mom helped stage that first shot.


Anyway, if you’re following along, you’ve know that Miss Camille is going on a trip for her first birthday, so she’s spending the year leading up to it getting ready. Now, we know she’s going somewhere she’ll want to take pictures of – and her shirt is also a hint of the locale. Hmmm… any guesses?

While you think about that… how about we do a quick five month comparison with her big bro:

Skinny vs. Chunky! I know I’ve mentioned breastfeeding is going better this time around – and I think this photo prooves my point! Kenton was so skinny at five months! He’s a chunk himself now, so no worries – it all worked out. But Camille has those fantastic thighs that I can’t even get my hand around – they are SO.YUMMY.

Also yummy? Apparently, the five month sticker…

what is this? MUST.TASTE.


Five months have brought about no teeth, but lots of teething. Obsession with putting EVERY.THING.EVERY.LITTLE.THING in her mouth. A dramatic improvement in her fine motor skills – grabbing every thing (and in the mouth it goes!). Practicing her octaves with loud squeals. And the toes. We’ve found the TOES.

Spoiler: shortly after turning five months old, she rolled over (back to belly) – as you can see she’s close to doing in that pic. The only problem with that is that she forgets she knows how to roll back over onto her back – and she screams (loudly) if she finds herself on her belly in crib. BACK IS BEST – and this girl knows it!

Tomorrow: Camille’s dedication!

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