Camille: Month 8

Someone is excited about turning eight months old!

She is also excited to share the latest in her monthly photo journey… and she’s giving away a BIG HINT…

If you’re following along, Camille is taking her first year of life to prep for a big trip. Each month, she gives you a hint at her final destination. This month is the biggest hint yet…

A passport! We already knew she was flying somewhere, but now we know it is out of the good ol’ USA. Hmmm??? Where could she be going? You’ll have to come back next month when she’ll drop an even better hint.

For now, here’s another look at this sweet little eight month old nugget.

Our sweet little girl has been on a roll with her developmental milestones the last week or so. She’s chattering away (no words yet, but syllables), started waving goodbye and hello, rocks on all fours (but can’t quite crawl) and -her favorite!- she’s figured out how to sit up on her own.

She does this trick all day long. It’s even preventing some napping – because it’s apparently more fun to sit up than sleep (and she can’t figure out how to lay back down. Twice, we’ve found her bent at the hips, belly down with legs on either side – sound asleep. Poor thing!).

Oh, she’s also obsessed with her daddy. OBSESSED. See what happens when he walks in the room?

Yep. I love it.

She’s also pretty obsessed with her big bro. Here’s a comparison shot of the two of them at eight months…

And here he is crashing her photo shoot…

She just adores him. He seems to like her too, if he’ll ever sit still long enough to interact with her.

A blurred Kenton – that’s about right. That kid NEVER.SITS.STILL.NEVER.EVER.EVER.

Oh, and see the photo bomb by Bowdoin the Bulldog?

Yes, he’s still around. Yes, we still love him. No, he doesn’t get nearly the attention he used to – but he does get a ton of treats hanging out under the highchair, so it all works out.

Speaking of treats… that’s what I had to bribe this kiddo with to say cheese for one non-blurry picture…

His sister? No bribing necessary – this girl loves to smile and work the camera…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go eat her up.

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