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DBQ (Dream-B-Q)

For our first official post of the summer, what better topic than the backyard grill/BBQ? Who wouldn’t dream of having a custom-built BBQ on your patio?  Nice feature, huh?  Kinda pricey though.  Unless you “inherit” the sad shell of a former such luxury with your foreclosed home, which you bought with your super-handy hubs, whose […]

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The Dreamer Load

Any idea what weighs 45 tons?  Hmm… let’s ask Google that question… So, perhaps that puts into perspective the “Dreamer Load” dumped on our yard… That, my friends, would be 45 tons of landscaping rocks.  So, why would we subject ourselves to this rock invasion?  Well, we have a few good reasons: 1) We live in […]

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Dream Family (Room)

Nope.  No exciting announcements.  (As if the blog is the place we’d first announce a dream in the oven?!) Just another little Then & Now action for you… the Dream Family room.  As we’ve mentioned before, the family room is an extension of our kitchen – a lovely feature that was on our “must” list […]

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McDreamy is at it again!

Like most foreclosed homes, ours came sans appliances.  Well, it did have “appliances” – that we’re pretty sure the bank found along the curb on bulk trash day and threw them in so the kitchen appeared “applianced.”  We were not fooled and promptly purchased new kitchen appliances.  However, there was one pesky “mini-appliance” that had […]

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Christmas Dream Skirt

Up until now, our Christmas tree has been skirt-less.  She’s either bared her bits to the world until presents arrive to cover her up – or settled for some fabric strategically placed around her “bottom.”  Not anymore! Let’s get a few questions out of the way right now: Yes, our tree is fake (real ones […]

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