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Dreambaby #2 Pregnancy BUMP PHOTO! (week 37)

I think my OB reads this blog. Yikes! More on that in a second. First, the BUMP! The full-term, 37 week BUMP… 37 weeks! We did it! We made it to full term. Not that I’m shocked. My body seems to like having a baby in it and holds on to them for dear life […]

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Pregnancy Week: Baby Poll

Okay, it’s time. Let’s practice what we’ll all be doing in November and cast a vote. First, like a good voter, go to the poll informed. If you’re one of those who makes a call based on how a momma is carrying, well… here’s the latest bump pic… If you want to see how the […]

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Pregnancy Week: Boy vs. Girl

You are in for a treat today! That is, if seeing my face and hearing my voice is a treat for you. Because… today, I present our first VLOG! It’s a bit of a rant, but it was easier to say than type… so here it is – my thoughts on having a baby girl […]

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Pregnancy Week: Dreambaby #2 BUMP PHOTO! (week 36)

Get ready… LOTS of bump shots for you today… 36 weeks of growth in that bump! Because it’s a week ending in “6” – that means it’s bump comparison time. Here’s how the bump has progressed from week 16, when I started sharing photos: Let’s compare this progress to when Kenton was in that belleh… […]

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Pregnancy Week: Room Plan

It’s day two of Pregnancy Week here on Our Dream Foreclosure and today’s topic – the baby room plan! Yesterday, I discussed my birth plan and may have shared a bit too much… heehee. The most popular post in our blog’s little history is on Kenton’s nursery… The plan all along was to make that room gender neutral and […]

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