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Living Room Styling

Okay, I’m back with more on the living room makeover… for a refresher, this is what we were dealing with… We ditched the couch set on Craig’s List for way less than what they’re worth. There are a surplus of couches on Craig’s List. We had to keep lowering the price until we got some […]

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Painting Stripes – or not, in our case

All week, we’ve been (finally) painting our living room and dining room. And by “we” I mean Jason: Remember, I’m pregnant. FUMES! (Was I supposed to leave the house when he was painting? If so, OOPSIE. But, seriously, that room needed a serious overhaul. Here’s what it looked like just a few weeks ago: Am […]

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Gallery Wall

The gallery wall is complete! Which means the wedding wall is gone… I did let one photo stay! 🙂 I’ve tried a gallery wall before – in our rental house. It looked really bad. This time, I took my time and really worked on it to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. I […]

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New Kid’s Playroom!

We are changing a lot around here and not just diapers. BABIES!  They cause a lot of things to change.  Amen? When they grow, they like things.  Things take up room and space and make noise and are fantastic for individual play time, but in a designated area.  Up until now, that’s been a corner […]

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Nah-nah-nah Dreambye

Well, helloooo there.  Long time, no chat.  It’s been so long, in fact, my Aunt Holly emailed to ask if the blog moved because she hadn’t seen an update in a while.  Nope, we’re still here!  (Hi, Holly!) 🙂  I’ll explain the prolonged absence, I promise… but first… we need say goodbye. Goodbye to the […]

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