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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Fortins… Here’s to hoping all of your DREAMS come true in 2014! xoxo photos by O’Grace Photography

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Camille: One Year

In honor of Camille’s 13 month birthday (which was Saturday), I thought we’d celebrate her 12 month birthday. Wait. What? Yeah, pretty pathetic attempt at explaining my belated post wrapping up her 12 month photo journey. I have no excuse, but here it is now. We started off a year ago with just a wee […]

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Happy Birthday, Camille!

I cannot believe this nugget is one year old today. She is such an incredible blessing. Everyone who’s met her knows that she is the sweetest thing in the entire world. Miss Mellow, always quick with a smile. Gorgeous red hair that most strangers cannot help but gawk over. Everyday, I thank God for her […]

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Camille: Month 11

Month ten brought a lot of fun new discoveries for our girl… including her first steps! She’s not walking on her own yet, but she likes to practice every chance she gets, which made this month’s photo shoot incredibly challening. More on that in a minute. First… here’s this month’s photo! The addition this month… […]

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Camille: Month 10

I’m baaack! It’s been a while. It’s been too long. I’m embarassed. Here’s the deal: I’m busy. Too busy. However, I managed to bring together a week’s worth of posts for you. Some will explain what I’ve been busy with (hint: it’s not our bathroom reno, sadly). Mostly, I just need to catch up… starting […]

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