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Camille: Month 5

This post is embarassingly late. Miss Camille turned 5 months old on March 16th! These photos were not taken recently (but were not exactly taken on time either… shh! No one will ever know.) So, what did we add to her year-long photographic journey this month? A camera! Sweet thing got right to work learning […]

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Easter 2013

Happy (day after) Easter! I know I’ve been MIA – and this post will be photo-heavy, for those anxious to see some baby pics (Hi, Aunt Melissa!) 😉 We started off the Easter weekend with Kenton’s first egg-dyeing session. He was waaaaay more into it than I ever imagined. It entertained him for about 30 […]

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Birthday Recap

Yeah, so my birthday was pretty awesome – and apparently those that love me read this blog. Remember my post from last week about my wish list? Yep, I scored most of the stuff on that list. CHA-CHING. My Better Life Bag is still en utero being made. Since I know many of you are […]

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Camille: Month 4

Miss Camille had her four month birthday this weekend and earned a shirt to go with her suitcase: So, if you’re following along, you know she is taking her first year to prep for a “trip.” You got that clue last month with the suitcase. Her shirt is a hint – feel free to start […]

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Camille: Month 3

Somebody is three months old, today! That means… the latest installment in her monthly photo project. If you’ve been following along, you’ll notice what is new… a suitcase! Yep, our little girl will be taking her first year to get ready for a big trip. We won’t reveal where until the very end, but each […]

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