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Gallery Wall Additions

Our gallery wall is growing… I just love being able to add to this wall – and when baby #2 arrives, we’ll swap out some of the photos. But this one will stay… The Kenton silhouette was a souvenir from the San Diego County Fair this summer. There are approximately 400 million DIY tutorials out there for silhouettes. Or, […]

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Bike Wheel Olympic Rings

I’ve been excited to share this project with you for MONTHS. No, it hasn’t been done for months, it’s been done for about five minutes. The closing ceremonies are on Sunday, so I kind-of waited until the last minute to actually do this project… but it’s been in my head for months. Oh gosh, do […]

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DIY Anniversary Gift

A few weeks ago, my parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. Do you ever struggle with what to get your parents for their anniversary? I always do. For some reason, that’s usually a tough gift for me to nail down. I usually end up getting a gift certificate to a nice restaurant. In the past, […]

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DIY Project Revisited: Box Valances

If my Pinterest incoming links tell me anything… it’s that my nursery is the most popular thing I’ve ever blogged about. However… I’m not talking about the nursery today. Because… looking at the latest Pinterest referrals, it seems people are interested in box valances. That’s awesome! We love the box valances we’ve made. In fact, box valances […]

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Stroller bar cover

I whipped together a little sewing project this weekend. This was not Pinterest-inspired. I repeat, I sewed something that was not seen first on Pinterest. I know, stop the presses. This is for real. See the polka-dots? (Nope, we can’t get enough!) It’s a chewable cover for the bar on our stroller. You see, we […]

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