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Birthday Week!

I cannot believe my baby is almost one! I literally broke into tears yesterday at 9:00 AM, because my water broke at that time on Memorial Day last year. Ahh, memories! Kenton’s birthday is on Thursday and his party is on Saturday. So, it’s BIRTHDAY week on the blog! Hope you like cute blonde baby boys and […]

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A Friend’s mini-Dreamer

My dear friend, Abby, is having a little mini-Dreamer of her own. So, of course, she needs to be showered with baby gifts.  So, a few of us got together and did a little soiree a few weeks ago.  We had a loose “cookies and milk” theme.  Here are some highlights: Carrie – the hostess […]

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Dream Storage: Diapers

Okay, I’ll admit it.  This post is born out of guilt. First, I confess – I’m amazing.  It’s true.  Okay, that’s a lie.  It’s my mom that’s amazing, but I’m her off-spring, so maybe I get a bit of the awesomeness in my DNA?  Anyway, while perusing Ikea during the nursery-shopping-frenzy pre-Kenton, my mom spotted […]

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Master Dreamroom: Update

Last week, I reminded you how awful our master bedroom used to be.  I’m very happy to report it looks much better now. Right?! We finished this room a while ago, but never showed off any pictures.  Probably because it’s never as clean as you see it above.  Except for the day the cleaner’s come… […]

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Getting in the Christmas Dream

Recently, this magazine arrived at the Dream: INSPIRATION! How fun is that wreath?! I set out to do my own version and even took before pictures of my pile of items needed for the post I was planning about my citrus-with-a-Christmas-twist wreath: It was a complete failure.  I’m certain if I allowed myself more time, […]

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