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Kenton’s Birth Story: The tale of our mini-Dreamer’s grand entrance

Okay – here it is – the long-promised story of Kenton’s birth, just in time for his one-month birthday: If you love reading birth stories as much as I do, you should know – it’s not as dramatic as this emergency situation – but not as straightforward as this c-section story. And, now you have […]

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In a Dream

Sorry, were you thinking there might actually be a real post here today? I’ve been a bit distracted – smooching precious little hands and toes. A “real” post is coming… but for now, feast your eyes on some seriously scrumptious baby goodness:

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Dream Big

Happy Father’s Day! Future US Open winner and his daddy on his first Father’s Day! Hope your day was as great as ours!

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Nursery Dream Art, Cont…

My goal was to have Kenton’s birth story posted today, but that isn’t happening.  I’ve started writing it – it’s really long – and I’m not even to the part where I got to the hospital.  Yep.  My editor (AKA, Mr. Dreamer) is going to have fun with that one! Instead, I’m continuing an earlier […]

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Feels Like a Dream…

We’re home from the hospital with our sweet little bundle!  We thought we’d share a few more photos of Kenton, who has made us fall in love all over again and already brought so much joy to the Dream in just a few days.  We are gushing… and will continue to gush… you’ve been warned!

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