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Featured on: Good Housekeeping!

Yes, it’s true! Our little blog had a project featured on Good Housekeeping‘s website! In case you don’t recognize it, that is our nursery – originally designed for mystery baby #1, who turned out to be Kenton, we were able to also put Camille in there because it is gender neutral. BUT the fun part […]

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Pregnancy Week: Room Plan

It’s day two of Pregnancy Week here on Our Dream Foreclosure and today’s topic – the baby room plan! Yesterday, I discussed my birth plan and may have shared a bit too much… heehee. The most popular post in our blog’s little history is on Kenton’s nursery… The plan all along was to make that room gender neutral and […]

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Upstairs To Do

Since we gave you a brief look at the upstairs of our home yesterday, today I thought I’d explain a bit about what’s behind each door… and just how much work I have cut out for me before this bambino arrives. And behind me is our master bedroom. So, here’s what needs to happen in […]

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Another Dream Dot Nursery!

This week, I started getting some referrals from another blog… so I checked it out and saw something familiar… Silver DIY dots! Nope, those aren’t mine… here’s what my pile looked like: Yep, basically the same – because this adorable momma-to-be followed my DIY dot tutorial and did her own wall. It turned out AMAZING! She […]

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Dream Storage: Diapers

Okay, I’ll admit it.  This post is born out of guilt. First, I confess – I’m amazing.  It’s true.  Okay, that’s a lie.  It’s my mom that’s amazing, but I’m her off-spring, so maybe I get a bit of the awesomeness in my DNA?  Anyway, while perusing Ikea during the nursery-shopping-frenzy pre-Kenton, my mom spotted […]

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