Christmas Card Displays (because no one sends you those to have them tossed in a box)

Has anyone else noticed how social media killed the Christmas newsletter?

Growing up, I would love to read newsy letters from our family and friends. In my mind, I awarded prizes to the family with the most newspaper-esque newsletter. The more pictures, the better! I loved reading how people bragged about – err – described their family vacations, job promotions, kid’s accomplishments in sports, school, social status.

But the days of the newsletter are OVAH – thanks to Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc. No need to waste time recapping the vacation you created an album for on Facebook five months ago. Geez, the whole affair even has it’s own hashtag – #FortinMainecation2014. Oh yeah. We did that.

The only newsletters I get now are from my parent’s friends. I think my parents actually still send them – despite them both being on Facebook, my dad on Twitter and my mom on Instagram. I don’t read them. Sorry, it’s true. Ain’t nobody got time.

Now, we all just send 5×7 flat cards with a beautiful picture of our family or kids with a one word summary for the year – “Blessed!” “JOY” or “Peace.” We don’t even sign the darn things. If you’re lucky, I’ll write a quick note on the back of your envelope. At least I still hand write addresses. Most of us are too lazy – err – busy to even do that. LABELS! Bless.

Yep, that about sums it up. We’re still alive. We’re still gorgeous. We’re in the Christmas spirit.

Therefore, these little gifts of Christmas cheer must be DISPLAYED. Your friends are alive, gorgeous, and full of Christmas cheer. Despite the sarcasm, I do love this new tradition. I love seeing those cards – I even keep them throughout the year (albeit not on display) and occassionally flip through the images and pray for the families smiling back at me.

Each year, I try to step up my game with my Christmas card display. This was the scene a couple of years ago…

carddisplayWMI borrowed a huge frame from my next door neighbor/professional photographer (he has a ton of awesome backgrounds), strung some rope and attached the cards with clothes pins.


This year, though, the cards are getting an upgrade. They’re on the tree!


We have two trees. This one is in the living room and is “mine.” The kids aren’t allowed to touch it. I try to keep it more uniform and less hodge-podge. The family room tree is a free for all, but not this one.


Kenton, actually, suggested adding the rope to the tree this year and that’s what gave me the idea to attach cards as they come in – with mini clothes pins.

FortinTree3 FortinTree5

Kind of random, but fun! I love being able to see all of these beautiful families that make up our network of dear friends and family. Bonus, this year I got some cards with photos that I took (!!!)…


(I took the photos on the right – the ridiculously photogenic Yule family!)


While pulling this post together, I asked some friends to share how they’re displaying their cards.

Christmas Card Displays

In frames, on mirrors, strung on ribbons or simply taping them to the wall… all of these are so fun! Arranging on doors seems to be popular…


My friends Lindsey and Coley of Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market fame sent me photos of their Christmas card displays:


That vintage bed frame?! I die.

Here’s the setup from Kim of Newly Woodwards… baker’s string and cute light clips…


One of my friends from high school, Jennifer Campbell, is also displaying her cards on a tree! Guess I’m not as “unique” as I thought:


Finally, this one is my favorite, my friend from MOPS, Kristi Strandquist’s display:


I love that! Just wish I had a hallway as pretty to utilize.

No matter how you display them – they just add so much joy to our homes, don’t they?

For those who get our cards this year, this is what they’ll see:


I had a ton of fun designing this card and taking that photo of my cute kiddos! I hope it brings as much joy to my friends and family as their cards do to me.

How are you displaying your cards? Please tell us in a comment or share a link to share another idea!

Christmas Card Display Ideas by Making our Dream

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