Dreambaby #2 Pregnancy BUMP PHOTO! (week 29)

Ready to head out to Mom’s Night Out with Scottsdale Mom’s Blog last night…

29 weeks!

No, the kid did not come. It was MOM’s night out. 😉

Remember how I kept lamenting about the lack of movement with this bambino in utero? Well he/she’s made up for it. Holy cow. Constant flips, kicks and general partying in my belly. I love it.

I do not love my legs right now. They’ve blown up with purple, ugly veins. In fact, I bought my first pair of maternity support hoes yesterday. I’ll need those for a cross-country flight I’m taking tomorrow (more on that in a minute…). I’m not excited about having to wear pants and/or long skirts the rest of the Arizona summer. This is a new symptom for me with this pregnancy. My legs did just fine last time around. Grr…

Not sure if it’s related, but I am working out a TON. I love it. We joined a gym and I’ve been doing water aerobics about three times a week. I’ve also decided to take the plunge and get a trainer. I’m going to work out with her twice a week up to the delivery. The hope is that she’ll help whip me into shape (as much shape as my beach-ball-body can get in) to prep for a VBAC… and that, in turn, will help me bounce back faster this time around. I’ll do a post about my birth plan another day… but yes, I’m going for the VBAC! Wish me luck.

Now… I’m off to our nation’s capitol. I’m speaking at a conference there this weekend. Jason will be on his own with Kenton. They’ll be fine (RIGHT?!). I’m looking forward to working again, even if it’s just for two days – and having some “me” time (to be honest). I’ll have hours of reading time on my direct flights… a whole bed to my big-belly self… cable TV… and will also get to see some friends and family. And… I may even have time to catch up on some blogging! I am WAY behind… we’ve done a few projects I’m excited to tell you about!

PS – My dear friend Robyn is also pregnant with #2 and wrote a spot-on blog post about the awesomeness (not) of pregnancy. Check it out here

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