Easter 2013

Happy (day after) Easter!

I know I’ve been MIA – and this post will be photo-heavy, for those anxious to see some baby pics (Hi, Aunt Melissa!) 😉

We started off the Easter weekend with Kenton’s first egg-dyeing session. He was waaaaay more into it than I ever imagined. It entertained him for about 30 minutes, which might be a record (srsly).

this is his new “cheeeeese!” face and I luuuurrrrrvvvve it


That exciting first was followed by another… his first chocolate Easter bunny.


…what is this???


finger-lickin’ gooooood

practicing this new concept called, “sharing”


And every parent reading this can guess what happens next. If you guessed prying the bunny out of his hand, which resulted in a tantrum – YOU.ARE.CORRECT.

So, on to the next first… an Easter egg hunt…


taking notes for next year

It took him a while to figure out the eggs opened and held treats. That was fun for a while. And every parent reading this can guess what happened next. If you guessed, prying sugary treats from his hands, resulting in a tantrum… YOU.ARE.CORRECT.

Time for some protein. Cue: brunch with the grandparents and some Easter baskets. (Being the only grandkiddos on both sides has its perks).

And, we’re off to church! (You didn’t think I was going to let Kenton out of the house in mismatched PJ’s, did you? It’s okay if you did, I do that sometimes.)

Miss Camille was wearing a dress that I wore as a baby – with a cross necklace that her Meme Fortin wore as a baby – and a headband I DIY’d the night before – because procrastination is a good friend of mine. More on the dress in another post.

After church, we hosted our parents and some good friends for dinner. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE having my house full of people I love sharing a yummy meal together? Well, it’s one of my most favorite things in the whole world.

I highly recommend entertaining during your kid’s naptime. Sure, they miss the photo ops – but you get to entertain and actually eat while they snooze. It’s fantastic.

After the meal, the guys moved into the family room to catch some March Madness (moment of silence for the Duke Blue Devils, please…)

What’s that? You notice something new above our TV? No, no, no…

Nothing to see there, folks. Just move along (and wait for a future post….)

While the guys bonded over sports… the mommies, grandmommies and babies hung out in the playroom and Miss Camille decided to crash the party to spend some time with her buddies, Merrick and Huxley.

When Kenton woke up, we tried to get a group kiddo shot…

That went well.

You know what went better?

These coconut cupcakes. YUM. Yes, I made them (from scratch – and not from Pinterest. What? TRUE.). YUMMO.

In case you were wondering what happened to our firstborn, our four-legged son… he was the happiest Bulldog on the block, and spent all afternoon in the backyard working on a hambone.

That sums up our Easter 2013. It was fantastic! HE IS RISEN!

Up next… some catch up posts…

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