Gone to the Dreams (again)

What’s up studs and bitches?

your guest bloggers for the day... paris and bowdoin the bulldogs.

We’re baaaaaaaaack!

We took over this blog once before and promised to chime in again when our world was rocked.  And let’s just say, we can’t quite pinpoint why – but OUR WORLD IS GETTNG ROCKED.

Something just seems different ‘round the Dream lately.  For instance, mom’s been hiding this big ball under her shirt for months and refuses to throw it for us!  Rude.  Bowdoin even asked politely twice (here and here).

So, that’s weird.

Also, there’s all sorts of cool new things coming in…

Toys, things that look like toys, things that squeak, and more toys.  However, we’re getting ZERO access to them.  What gives?!  Mom even posted about torturing us with keeping them out of reach – and shared this incredibly unflattering photo of Bowdoin royally pissed off about it…

Hmph.  That’s all really strange – but the kicker is that we haven’t been allowed out of the kitchen area in over a week!  Not since these two, scary men came with big machines that made lots of noise, smelled weird and spent hours erasing all Bulldog scent from the Dream’s carpets and floors.

the way life used to be

Do they have ANY IDEA how much effort we put into making this place smell just right?!  Mom and Dad really love the new grout “paint” – as they call it.  We call it crap.

Anyway, we wish someone would tell us what the CATNIP is going on.  Mom keeps pointing to that big ball under her shirt and asking if we’re ready to meet “BOB”… we think she may have gone crazy.  More snooping is necessary… we’ll keep you posted.

but, for now, we nap…

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