Kenton: 2 years

It’s very hard to believe that this sweet nugget…

Is now this little boy…

It goes by so fast, you guys. So fast.

They’re just babies for a minute.

I spent the last few days putting together his second year video and it’s amazing how quickly he went from baby to boy. UGH. My heart!

I did take monthly photos of him this year. Not as elaborate as his first year – but just a fun monthly comparison…

I love that I have these and they’ll be incorporated into Kenton’s baby book. Whenever I have time to actually put that together. (Which may be never.)

We didn’t do a second birthday party per se. As you saw in the video, we did have a cake and we invited a few friends to meet us at a local splash pad for a low key celebration. We did a week in San Diego as a family that was basically a week long party for him – I’ll do a separate post about that. After I get to his baby book.


(I think.)

Last year, on Kenton’s first birthday, I wrote an incredibly heartfelt note. Reading it again and I could write the same thing this year. However, I know this kiddo even better now.

He loves music. LOVES. This dollar store trumpet was a huge hit on his birthday – as was his own ukulele, which he calls his “‘tar.”

He also loves to dance and wants everyone around him to dance too. In fact, he demands it. He’ll tell me, “Momma! DANCE!” Which, of course, I oblige. Because when your two year old asks you to dance, YOU DANCE. AMEN?

Dancing on the trail in Telluride (another trip I have yet to blog about)

He’s also strong willed. I dreaded having a strong willed child, but thanks to training from Family Matters (and the amazing book, Grace Based Parenting), I know it is a gift. He will change the world one day. He has his own opinion now and challenges any attempt to change or correct it. In other words, he’s exactly like me. Grrrreat. 😉

He is busy, busy. busy. Always on the move. My goal every day is to simply tire him out. Give him an outlet for all that energy. I usually succeed. He naps well and sleeps through the night (although he has recently started escaping cribs – at his grandparent’s house, on vacation – but stays put at home, knock on wood). This kid keeps me on my toes.

At the end of the day, he is incredibly tender. He’ll throw his arm around my neck, look straight into my eyes (nearly touching eyeball to eyeball) and ask, “You okay, momma? You okay?” Then, plant a big kiss on my lips. He melts me. He’s recently starting telling his dad and I, “I love you.” Sweetness.

He went from a baby to a little boy in his second year. I cannot wait to see what his third year brings.

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