New Family Photos!

I mentioned in my last post, that I wanted Kenton’s hair cut by the time our family photos were taken. So, that haircut was about 48 hours before our shoot with Jennifer Radack of O’Grace Photography. She was our wedding photographer and took our family photos last year. She’s like family and we love how she documents our growing family each year!

You’ve already seen a couple of these photos on Camille’s birth announcement and on our Christmas card. But here are a few more of our favorites. And by “few,” I mean a lot.

Possibly my favorite photo of Jason, ever…

We have a lot of pictures of Kenton, because Camille was doing this for the first couple of hours Jennifer was here…

She was just three weeks old when we took these photos and still in her dramatic phase. (Thankfully, the drama stopped shortly after this day and she’s been an angel. We were worried there for a minute. Yes, we know the drama will return when she’s two and never end. Lord, help us.)

Kenton tried to comfort her, but no bueno. He didn’t have what she wanted.

Nursing was her only comfort – and Jennifer got a few shots of that, which I wasn’t expecting (I hadn’t done my makeup yet! The horror!)… but love having those images (for our eyes only, sorry)… but here’s one I can share.

After she was calmed down, we all got gussied up and ready for the family portion of the shoot. I was going for a laid back, all cuddling in bed look with neutral colors and a white background. We shot in our bedroom. I bought (and later returned) a white quilt for the backdrop. I love how the color scheme looks – especially the black & white shots.

I love that photo above – I am so incredibly happy. That is a look of pure joy – feeling so blessed by my little family!

That one is my Facebook profile photo. I originally was going to use this one…

…but cropped, it looks like I’m about to eat my baby.

Confession: everyday, I want to eat her. She is so yummy. nomnomnomnomnom

I like to call this one… “Baby Got Extensions”…

Please do not overlook the kissing of the hand in that photo. PRESHUSH.

These photos… just go ahead and plan my funeral. The sweetness killed me.

A daddy lovin’ on his daughter…SIGH…

This shoot also doubled as Camille’s newborn shoot. While she screamed bloody murder the first part of the day, she calmed down after our family photos were done and managed to give us some good snaps…

These next two images were obvious out-takes, but so perfect for our life stage right now. That would be the life stage called, CRRRAZZZZY.

If you made it to the bottom of this post, you deserve a prize. That was a whole-lotta Fortin. 🙂

All photos are by O’Grace Photography – please give correct credit there or here when pinning and such.

My dress (that I wore as a shirt) is from H&M. Jason’s shirt is from H&M. Kenton’s hat is from H&M (no longer online). Camille’s skirt is from The Children’s Place (beige no longer online).

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