Ginger Spice Halloween Costume

What do you do with an adorable redheaded toddler on Halloween?  Obviously. I can’t even wait until Halloween to share this costume with you because I’m just so darn proud of it! I think Camille is too… She’s singing, “Let it Go” but we’re working on “Wannabe.” Totally appropriate lyrics for a two year old. […]

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Kenton’s 3rd Birthday!

(Yes, this event occurred 4.5 months ago – but it is necessary to squeeze in a reference before his sister’s birthday next week. YIKES.) Our curious, spirited, percocious, intelligent and hilarious son is now three years old! Can’t believe it. We celebrated with THE BEST party for him… a concert. We invited friends to a […]

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Progress Report

At my last MOPS meeting, we discussed our worst fears as moms. (If you don’t know about MOPS and you have young kids, please visit their site and find a group near you. Being a part of MOPS at Scottsdale Bible Church has literally changed my life.) Most of the moms in my circle have […]

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We experienced historic rainfall in the Phoenix area today. Perfect excuse to snap some pics of the kids. You know, just to let you know we’re still alive. To say this was a busy summer would be a gross understatement. There’s lots to update you on – Kenton turned three and got glasses (!), we […]

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Potty Training in One Day

Potty training was not on my radar. At all. Everytime I asked Kenton if he was interested in going potty, he said no. He told me he liked his diapers. He insisted that underwear was not an exciting new fashion venture. All signs pointed to… wait. And I planned to do just that until after […]

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