There she sat, perched on the sink, neck extended in a mocking stare. Weathered and leaking… her taunting presence the topic of a few nightmares… her demise the topic for a few dreams. Those dreams began morphing into reality during a three-hour mega trip to Home Depot. You may ask how spending three hours in […]

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The kitchen is done.  Happy dance time! If you don’t count the new stainless steel appliances, we did the entire thing for about $700!  (But, we did score a great deal on the appliances by buying them all at the same time at a locally-owned store and scouring the scratch-n-dent room.) As you can see, […]

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New Dream-zine

We take a brief pause from our pre-open-Dream-sweat-fest to bring you the following link… The Dreamers heart Lonny Magazine — a new online magazine for those of us addicted to home decorating (and pretty things in general). Go. Have a look.  Come back later this weekend to see how our kitchen turned out.  (We’re giddy […]

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Another’s Junk? A Dream Gem.

Out on our evening walk with the pup, we spotted it.  For weeks, we’ve been scouring Craig’s List for a bench.  A simple, dark wood, upholstered bench to fill up a bleak spot between our kitchen and family room. And there she was. In our neighbor’s yard, not near the trash can, not near the […]

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Paris in the Dream

Little known fact:  The day we officially closed on our dream, we hopped on a flight to Paris, France.  Crazy, but true.  It wasn’t exactly planned that way, though. The hubs had a big birthday this year (one with a “0”)… and, as a surprise (that was revealed early so he could get excited… and […]

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