Paris Conquers the Dream

(This post contains some pretty darn cute videos of our “babies.”  Make sure you check them out by clicking on the links.  We’re too cheap to pay for the Video Upgrade.  We’d rather spend our cash on The Dream.)

What up blog-readers?  My name is Paris and I’m taking over this blog.

Sometimes, my mom & dad refer to me as “the cripple.”  Pretty sure that’s a term of affection. Right?  Anyway, they’re not that far off.  After all, I do have a pretty dramatic story to tell.  But… my hip has healed nicely, and I’ve recently surprised the whole fam by conquering the stairs.

You see, for the last year – since I was adopted – I haven’t been allowed upstairs.  Darn hip!   Every once in a while I’ll get carried up/down to hang out with the parents and my brother, Bowdoin – who gets an all access pass to the Dream. (Jerk!)


can't you just see the "don't you dare come up here" look in his eyes?


Meanwhile, I’ve been left all by myself in a gated area downstairs. I still can’t be trusted on the carpet (whatever, I like it when it smells like my pee – but, to each his own).  Both Bowdoin and I are terrified of the gates (baby gates) – not sure why… but mom & dad can just lay them down on the ground near an area we’re not supposed to go and we stay far, far away.

Even Bowdoin is terrified.  Need evidence?  Check out this video – it’s pretty hilarious. When I’m in that “prison” I usually whine really loud – and apparently sound like a cow moo’ing.  It breaks my mom’s heart (which is exactly the point!).


I've masted the pitiful look... it's my secret weapon (and the moo-whining)


Well, I spent a lot of time upstairs a few weekends ago when mom & dad were painting the Master Dreamroom.  That was so awesome.  I finally figured out what I was missing out on this whole time.  So, when I got left behind again for another fun time working upstairs, I’d had enough.

There was a small gap between the wall and the terrifying gate.  Somehow, I managed to drum up the courage to squeeze through it.  I made it up the stairs all by myself, bounded into the room where everyone was, and greatly enjoyed the shocked look on mom, dad, and Bowdoin’s faces!  Once they got over the shock – I got lots of pets and belly rubs!  However… they did carry me down the stairs… which is never very comfortable, because I’m kind-of a big girl.

But the adventure was totally worth it – and I got a good look at the Master Dreamroom progress – it’s awesome!

My mom was curious to see how I managed to go up the stairs all by myself, so I demonstrated for her and you can watch that here.  Compare that to how fast Bowdoin is here.  Please note the time difference!  It took me 6x as long as Bowdoin. Whatever.  It’s not a race. It’s cool.  Really.  I mean, I did break a HIP – so what do you expect?! Whatever. I did it and I’m proud of myself.

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