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Hi! I’m Michelle Fortin, the writer behind this ever-developing dream.


I am a follower of Jesus, a wife and a mom – in that order. I’m also a business owner, writer, speaker, and teacher. Here at Making Our Dream, I blog because there are certain things I cannot help but share. One day it may be encouragement for fellow moms and the next it could be step-by-step instructions on our latest DIY project.

My passions include assisting business owners with their public relations and communications needs through my own business,The Fortin Agency. Public speaking is my jam. I love it and I’d love to come speak to your mom’s group, Bible study, business, etc. Check out more info here. I also have a habit of taking a red pen to the words “that” and “just” in broadcast scripts, using ellipses instead of commas… and writing in ALL CAPS (when in my role as an adjunct professor of broadcast journalism). Photography is my favorite hobby and I’ve won a few awards for photos of my kids. Oh, yes, my kids… Kenton is my strong-willed, independent, future leader. Camille is my little redhead full of moxie. They are just 16 months apart, and keep me very busy. Their dad is my amazing husband, Jason. He works in public affairs. We met in Portland, Maine – where I was a reporter for the ABC affiliate, WMTW-TV and he was my source on a story. Between the four of us, we sometimes remember to take care of our original child – our English Bulldog, Bowdoin.

Contact me at makingourdream (at) gmail (dot) com

Here’s a history of this blog…


July 2014. Telluride.

It all started when we wed in 2008… and became Mr & Mrs… Jason and Michelle Fortin.

Shortly after, we added a Bulldog, named Bowdoin after the Mr’s alma mater.

Things got interesting in the summer of 2009 when we purchased our first home.

That’s when we started our first blog, Our Dream Foreclosure, which we changed over to Making Our Dream in 2012.

We were blessed to score this foreclosed home in Scottsdale, Arizona. It had some sleepless nights before we came along – with the aesthetic charm to prove it. One DIY project at a time, it’s slowly becoming all we ever dreamed of.

Speaking of DIY projects, in 2011, we took on the ultimate DIY job… parenting.

Photo cred: O’Grace Photography

Kenton Albert was born May 31, 2011. He had a bit of a dramatic entrance into this world, which you can read more about in his birth story.

Photo cred: O’Grace Photography

He is, sincerely, an amazing kid. So smart, mellow and happy. We feel so honored that God chose to bless us with this child.

At the ripe old age of 16 months, Kenton became a big brother…

Photo cred: O’Grace Photography

Camille Eileen arrived on October 16, 2012 via VBAC. You can read her birth story here. She’s the perfect baby. (Honestly, we’re not biased at all.)

Photo cred: O’Grace Photography

She’s a gorgeous little red head and has completely stolen all four of our hearts. (Actually, Bowdoin is still more enamored by treats. Figures.)

Also in October, 2012, we launched our new blog – Making Our Dream. We’re so glad you found us. Please let us know what you think! We love hearing from you.

Photo cred: O’Grace Photography


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