Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

Got a cyclist in your life?


I sure do.


In the wind tunnel at Faster Scottsdale

It’s my man’s #1 sport. We even went to see a leg of Le Tour de France and he got to meet Alberto Contador…


If you’re a cycling fan (or married to one), you may be geeking out right now.

He loves cycling so much we actually designed Kenton’s room as an ode to Le Tour de France.

Tour de France cycling Nursery

The first picture of us as a family of four was taken after a bike race. Complete with Kenton in a mini-world champion cycling kit.

true story

true story

Given the prominence cycling has in our home, I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty darn good at finding great gifts for my cycling-obsessed hubby. So, I thought I’d share…


1. Camelbak Podium Chill, 21 oz. ($12): The size is very important. Don’t be tempted to get the big one. Don’t. Bigger is not better for the cyclist. Something about size of the bottle holders and ability to get it in and out while cruising down a hill at 20mph.This is also insulated so the water stays cold – a big plus for us desert dwellers. Many bike shops make their own versions of these too.

2. Bike Chain Frame ($36): A cool way to display pics of cycling adventures – made from recycled bike chains.

3. Moots frame ($2,500): This is not happening. Although Jason would love it. Your cyclist would love this too. If you won the lottery or are just really generous or love your husband more than I do. (Not that I love your husband… but… nevermind. Just buy this for them if you have some extra cash lying around.)

4. Cycling Tshirt ($20-30): Cycling companies make THE.COOLEST t-shirts. Light-weight, great styles/colors. I also love the ones from Nytro in San Diego. Jason has this one and it is one of my all time favorites on him (and he loves it).

5. Torque Wrench ($85): No idea. Apparently, it’s important. Local folks can pick it up at Faster Scottsdale.

6. Floor Drive Pump ($72): Cyclists always need a good pump. (HA! See what I did there?)

7. Bike Chain Business Card Holder ($24): Jason has this exact one on his desk. It’s made from recycled bike chains and is a subtle nod to his favorite hobby in his buttoned-up office.

Happy shopping!

Got any additional ideas? Please comment and share the wealth for the rest of us cycling widows out there.


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