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I intended to share this post with you last Friday, but I didn’t have access to the nets of Inter. (That’s something my dad would say… like, “tay of lots” for a latte). Anywho, here she is today… a recap of our FABULOUS break from the Arizona heat in gorgeous Del Mar, California:

What a week we had! San Diego was a BLAST. Here’s a recap of what we were up to, via Instagram:

So. Much. Fun.

Most of my mom’s family lives throughout San Diego County. So, we spent a lot of time with family – and doing as much R&R as possible – including Kenton’s first day at the beach and first trip to a fair!

My mom, Kenton and I stayed with my Grandpa in Del Mar.

My mom’s dad. Can you tell? Ha! There’s a definite family resemblance.

My Grandpa’s house has not changed in decades, which means it holds a million memories for me, (but isn’t even remotely close to being baby-proofed!). I actually wrote an essay about it in elementary school. The assignment? Write about paradise. Yep, I nailed it. I still feel that way about this little corner of the world. From Grandpa’s balcony, you can see the water and sand.

Everyday, we walked from his house to charming Del Mar…

Grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks… and some milk for the kiddo…

In my defense, the pic on the left was taken after Kenton decided

to party All. Night. Long. (good times)

We’d stop by the playground…

And carry on down to the beach…

Yep. Paradise.

We spent a day at the San Diego County Fair… a place we’ve been going for many years.

We’ve been practicing Kenton’s “MOO” with the painting in his playroom, but this was the first time he saw cows (and sheep, and pigs, and ducks, and hens, and roosters, and goats, and bunnies, and even a baby turkey) up close. His first encounter with a cow drew tears and screams, but he warmed up after that and loved all of the animals.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip. We were sad to leave our extended family and the gorgeously overcast weather – but were very glad to get home to DADA and grandpa in time for Father’s Day:

And… one more thing… we OFFICIALLY have a TODDLER on our hands, folks. All of the distraction and stimulation on the trip made my BABY start toddling like a little drunken sailor… every.where.

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